Birthday Party Tips for Kids

Kid’s Party or Events!

When it comes to party time, it’s easy for parents to

a) Get stressed

b) Blow the budget and

c) Vow never to do it “that way” again.


Throwing a party for your kid ought to be fun for all. It takes planning, a well-paced party schedule as well as a special birthday cake.

Keep in mind, within reason, to include the party boy or girl in the preparations, keep the party to about two hours to keep away from any over-excited meltdowns & if numbers are an issue, use the fall-back rule that the number of guests ought to be the age of your kid and one time your kid is aged & over. Here’s my other top tip for pulling off the ideal kid’s party. Have fun!

Make a list & prioritize it. Then work through each element & select the way you will make it a reality. You may select some things are not worth the time or trouble, while others jump to the top of your list. Focus on or key party elements & make them special.

Start planning your party well in advance of the actual event. Six weeks is a nice time to start brainstorming ideas for a party theme, where the party will be held, & which guests to invite. Make a simple timeline of party tasks & when each ought to be accomplished. Avoiding last-minute arrangements will cut down on party planning headaches.


Choose a Party Theme

If you are hosting the party yourself, it helps to have a theme. Often it’s a no-brainer (your little boy is super-hero-mad), but if you are scratching around for ideas, here are a few possibilities:

– traditional fancy dress – for boys and girls of all ages
– builder – for boys age 2-5
– fairy or princess – for girls age 2-8
– under the sea – for boys and girls age 3-8
– pirate – for boys (and girls!) age 2-8
– spooky – for boys and girls age 6-10

Or take the easy option and choose a theme from the party packs (paper plates, napkins, party favours, etc) available at party suppliers or larger retailers.


Food – Keep it Simple

Keep the offerings simple. Party pies and sausage rolls, cupcakes, crisps, mini ‘smiley’ pizzas, or fairy bread always go down well.

Be aware of any food allergies – it is best to keep away from anything with nuts (including peanut butter sandwiches) and offer a gluten-free option. Also offer some healthy snacks, like ‘traffic light’ fruit pops (balls of watermelon, rockmelon and kiwi fruit on a paddle pop).

But it is also nice to keep any party theme going, for example ‘biscuit wands’ (biscuits baked on the finish of paddle pops) for a fairy party, or a jelly boats (made in half and orange) for a pirate party.


Make a game of it

You can go all out & hire games equipment (such as leaping castles) & entertainers (see our suggestions) or you can opt for traditional games that never lose their appeal – with more youthful children.

Pin the Tail on the Donkey, Simon Says & What is the Time Mr Wolf are fascinating for three- & four-year olds. Five- & six-year-olds may enjoy more robust games like three-legged races, sack races & egg-and-spoon races. Older children will be prepared for simple crafts like making pirate hats, princess crowns or other novelties. & everybody loves to have a go at whacking the piñatas to release a shower of toys & lollies.


Special Cake

Ideally stick together with your theme (or pick a theme to fit the cake you require to make!). It is always fun to sit together with your child & let them pick the cake they require on their giant day. The elderly favourite ‘Women’s Weekly’: Children Party Cakes’ book is ideal for this.

Some suggestions are: A dinosaur, a pig or bear (some skill necessary), a fairy castle or pirate ship (more difficult), or a skate park or friendly dragon cake (tricky).

For an simple option opt for a ‘jungle’ or ‘planes, trains & automobiles’ that use a number of your kid’s toys to decorate a standard iced cake.


Limit Spending

Keep in mind this is a kid’s party, not the Queen’s ball. Keep your eye out for discounts on party favourites, craft items, & tiny game prizes before the day. Collect costume materials all year long at resale stores & yard sales. The work to be thrifty will make you additional proud of the great party you put on without breaking the bank.

Ideally set yourself a budget per infant & stick to it. Lovely options for fillers are pencils, erasers, balls, stickers, hair clips & jewellery (for girls), tiny toy cars/dinosaurs/animals, tiny books, tiny bottles of bubbles &, of coursework, lollies.

Economize on the bag itself by purchasing brown paper bags & having the birthday boy or girl decorate them in advance. This works well in the event you stick with the party’s ‘theme’. & keep in mind that it is fine to tailor the goodies to each kid’s age – doesn’t must fit all!

Above all, keep your point of view & your sense of humour. This is party in a long line of parties you’ll be hosting, so relax, keep it light & laugh a lot. Chances are, in case you keep smiling, you & your guests will have a much better time!


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